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* Phase 6Tech

My primary goal for tech was to have it happen as quickly and painlessly as

possible. This is not a unique goal, but given that the production requirements of

the piece were relatively simple, I wanted to see if we could tech the show without

noticing it.

The platform had been constructed a week before tech so the cast was already

working on it and by the time tech began we were running the show every day on

the set, in costume with almost all of the props. The goal for tech would be to keep

the cast doing run-throughs and adding the lights into this work.

To give us a head start on this, David and I met and dry-teched the entire

show quite thoroughly. The relatively static nature of the show made this a very

practical process. And we had the show pretty much built by the time the actors

showed up for the tech.

With only a couple of minor exceptions we got through the tech without a

hitch. Penny still had a good deal of work with colors and tuning the dressing of the

platform. These adjustments in turn led to corrections in the lighting. This went

back and forth for the entire tech period.

We discovered quickly that the illuminated kitchen cube with Rachel's

shadow, was not going to work. The image wasn't clear, and I found it distracting. I

understood that it was important for Clov to disappear when in the kitchen so that

Hamm would be alone.

I also found that the lighted windows, though stunning, were difficult to use

during the show. They pulled the focus to the back wall and obliterated the actors.

We settled on the lighted windows as a closing image.