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working on ENDGAME. It is something which I could have given lip-service to

before, but now I have a sense of beginning to know it as an artist.

I began my relationship with and work on ENDGAME with a sympathy and

orientation towards Clov. Inevitably I now have a deeper sense and feeling towards

all four of the characters, but I feel a strong draw towards the mystery that is Hamm.

Perhaps because I understand him least, I am fascinated by him the most.

This points to another accomplishment that I think our production can

claim: I feel satisfied that we were able to present the play without unraveling the

mystery of ENDGAME. Even during the last performance, I was able to watch and

sense something ponderous hovering just out of reach; Something deep inside my

self that was all the more "real" for it not being explained. Interest is not born of

understanding, and if we are to deal with the deep end of the pool of our souls, we

must be prepared to be confused.

I feel challenged as an artist to create work in which the mystery of the piece

becomes indistinguishable from the mystery of the universe. For this to happen,

my struggle to create the work has to become indistinguishable from my struggle to


It is my intention to continue working on ENDGAME. I am planning a

remount of the Columbia production with the same cast at another venue in New

York as soon as possible. Hopefully this thesis production will become the first step

in a lifetime of work on both ENDGAME and the entire cannon of Samuel

Beckett's invaluable contribution to this and future centuries.

I still don't feel ready to direct ENDGAME.