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Welcome to my homepage. I am a theatre artist. As such my activities break down into four major categories.

  1. directing
  2. acting
  3. teaching
  4. translating (Japanese - English)

This site offers the surfer, an over-view of my work as a director and some other odds and ends. You can find information about specific past productions in the "works" area. I am a member of the SITI Company, an ensemble based theatre company in New York city, but the bulk of my work is as a free-lance director.

The "stuff" area contains misc. stuff that is not necessarily related to my professional work.

The "shop" area is not available at the moment but it will be a bit of personalized e-commerce, allowing you to buy various things that relate to my work and interests.

Please feel free to browse through this site and explore Leon's work and interests. Nothing here will cost you a cent (unless you buy something from "shop") and no information about you will be gathered.


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