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Mazor Theatre, NYC August 19 -27 1998
Directed by Leon Ingulsrud
Set by Leon Ingulsrud
Lights by D.M. Wood
Sound by Darron L. West
Costumes by The Cast
Tina Sheapheard, Susan Hightower, Laura Kechergas, Will Bond, Barney O'Hanlon.

MARTINI CEREMONY was an excercise in turning an obcession from one's life into a piece of theatre. In this case the lore and mystic of the cocktail known as the Martini. The idea for the project came out of a conversation that I had with my friend and fellow SITI member Bondo, the jist of which was, would't it be cool if there was a cremony surrounding the Martini that was as refined and codified as the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

The show was an exploration of the cocktail known as the Martini. The mythology, mystery and phylosophy that emerges from the "King of Cocktails".

The production was presented as part of the NY Fringe Festival.

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