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ENDGAME Samuel Beckett
Horace Mann Theatre New York, December 11 - 14, 1996
Directed by Leon Ingulsrud
Set by P.K. Wish
Lights by David Gordon
Costumes by P.K. Wish

This production was my Thesis for my MFA from Columbia University.

I definitely want to revisit this play. In many ways it is my favorite play. I think that Beckett wrote it intentionally as the "perfect play". Although I want to do as much of Beckett's writing for the stage as I can, I will always come back to ENDGAME.


The production featured: Jay Smith as Hamm, Rachel Benbow Murdy as Clov, Barney O'Hanlon as Nagg and Akiko Aizawa as Nell.
I wrote my MFA thesis about this production. Read it here.

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