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Moby Dick (Japan)
Operating Theatre, @ The Mint Dublin Ireland
Created by Olwen Fouere/ Roger Doyle
Directed by Leon Ingulsrud
Performed by Olwen Fouere
Composed by Roger Doyle
Set by Paul Kehou
Lights by Paul Kehou
Costumes by Catherine Fay

OPERATING THEATRE is one of the most important and interesting experimental theatre/ music groups in Ireland. Traditionally they work in the liminal space between avant-garde music and avant-garde performance. Olwen Fouere and Roger Doyle are the founders and most consistant artists in the group. They are both extremely well respected in their own fields and occasionally come together to do the very far-flung work that is Operating theatre.
ANGEL/BABLE was a project that Olwen and Roger invited me to work on with them.

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