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Third Culture Enterprises was launched in the late 1980s as a translation, interpreting and Japan market entry consultancy by Joel Ingulsrud. Other bi-cultural associates have come and gone over the years and it continues today as an informal cooperative, sharing resources and references as its members continue to engage in cross cultural activities.

Stephen Benedict Web Products and Services

Stephen was born and raised in the expansive nature reserves of northern Nagano Prefecture and has been working in the web products and services industry since 2011. His work includes native iOS app and web services development as well as print and type design. He is keen on projects and initiatives in the public sector and non-profit space.

David Olson Japanese to English translation

David was born in Tokyo, raised under the smiling face of Mount Fuji, and lives to translate Japanese into English.

Tom Eskildsen Japanese-English translation and interpreting

Tom is of Danish-American heritage, born and raised in Japan, specializes in English/Japanese interpreting and translation with a focus on the wireless telecommunications field, and travels widely on behalf of his clients.

Leon Ingulsrud/Akiko Aizawa Japanese-English translation and interpreting

NYC-based Leon and Akiko have a full schedule with their theatre directing, acting and workshops, but if you need interpreting or translation work for a theatre or other art project at the highest level of cross-cultural communication, they may be able to accommodate you.

Joel Ingulsrud Business & Product Management

Joel has over thirty years of experience working in the computer and digital media industries, offering Japanese market entry consulting, business analysis, and product management. Check out his profile on LinkedIn. In recent years he has focused on his own projects, but if you are in urgent need of passionate, competent attention from an industry veteran, drop him a line.